How to use a headphone amp

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So, now you have decided that you are going to buy a headphone amp and up your music listening game. Well, you must also know how to properly use a headphone amp. By that, we don’t only mean knowing which cable should end up where. We mean that to enjoy music through your amp, you should know a few things. It’s like the headphone amp etiquette and you must follow it. So, in this article, we try to answer the question of how to use a headphone amp.

First of all, the basics.

How to use a headphone amp: Basics

A headphone amp is basically a portable gadget. It comes with ins and outs, meaning ports. You input the data from your music player, smartphone, or laptop/PC. The amp outputs to the headphone of your choice. What you do without the amp is this: you connect your headphone directly to the device that’s going to play the music. With the amp, the only thing that changes is that now there is a mediator between the device that is going to play the music and the headphone, the device you are going to listen to the music from.

How to use a headphone amp

Special note: Remember that some audio gear like ultra-premium headphones has a high impedance. They require a great deal of power and only amps can provide that. Now, not any amp will be able to do that. Always make sure that the amp you are going for is going to be compatible with your headphone when it comes to power.

Once you are connected and the amp is up and running, there are a few things you should know and be careful about.

The advanced things

Some amps are designed to give a stronger performance on some aspects. A particular amp might give the perfect reproduction of the lower frequencies while letting the mids be as they are. While another one might specialize in the detailing of the mids and help them blend in so well that you don’t have to look for mids.

So, if you know what you need, you should buy a suitable amp. However, many amps are simply “balanced”. They boost the bass, the vocals are clear, the mids and lows are both very beautiful. All in all, they have a perfect mix of everything. That is what you should aim for if you are not sure about what else to go for if anything.

Headphone amps should stick with your device. Most come with rubber bands right in the packaging. Use them.

All that being said, now we’re sure you understand how to use a headphone amp. So, go out there and get yourself a suitable amp to unlock a whole new dimension of your music listening experience!

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