Roland Micro Cube Review

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Amplifiers can be great in so many ways. They are becoming more and more popular. As price gets lower and quality better amplifiers really are a must. However, most have a serious downside – they require constant power to be delivered in order to work. However, nowadays, that problem is solved. You can get a battery-powered amplifier. These amplifiers are something truly unique and you can take them anywhere. Going to the woods? No problem! Going on a picnic? No problem!

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There aren’t many battery-powered amplifiers on the market. And only a few of those are capable of producing real, good music. The Micro Cube GX is one of those.

Roland Micro Cube review

roland micro cube review

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The Micro CUBE GX features headphones output as well as recording output and stereo aux. This means you can connect it to almost anything. It can be powered on batteries or an AC adapter. There’s also a nice strap for easier transportation.

It became incredibly popular because of it’s unique battery-powered feature. There really aren’t many amplifiers out there that can offer you this feature. Even if there are others like the Micro Cube GX, not many come at a price like this thing does. You can take this amplifier to parties, camping, anywhere really.

With all of it’s options and controls, this amplifier can play any musical style. Heavy rock or jazz, absolutely anything!

High-quality effects of the Micro Cube GX really let you tweak it around and play with it. Phaser, tremolo effect and chorus, all of that is included in this pretty little box!

Talking about pretty, the Micro Cube GX doesn’t look too bad either. Well it does kind of look childish, however we’ll give it a pass on it’s looks considering all of the other features it provides.

You can connect it to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad through the i-CUBE LINK jack.

You should note that this is a 3W amplifier as well. Meaning it isn’t powerful as many other amplifiers.

Wrapping up

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Sooner or later, you will need an amplifier. However, it depends on what you want from it. If you are looking for something not too powerful, but extremely portable and able to play any type of music than look no further than the Micro Cube GX. It has plenty of features that differentiate it from other amplifiers. The Micro CUBE GX can be used anywhere and that gives it a huge plus in our book!

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