Roland AC 33 Review

If you are a person who loves loud music or strumming the guitar like crazy? You might want to take a look at amplifiers. Amplifiers can be amazing for many occasions, they can let you listen already produced music or music you produce on your own. Most amplifiers these days have tons of options. And others are too expensive.

Why do you need an amplifier, though? Some professionals would argue that if you want an amplified sound from an acoustic guitar, a plain, full range speaker is the way to go. But, the tone of an amp is important when you have an electric guitar. Besides strengthening the signal, and pushing it out pretty loudly through a loudspeaker, it also gives it a certain tone. This is more or less a preference, as well as need, depending on the situation.

What you want in an amplifier to have is to be simple yet powerful. Something like that is the Roland AC 33. It’s a very powerful amplifier that will provide you with true stereo sound. However, if you have an electric guitar you might want to look elsewhere, because this amplifier’s specialty is mostly for acoustic guitars.

Roland AC 33 Review

The Roland AC 33 is the world’s first battery-powered amplifier. It is a portable amplifier, yet extremely powerful. You can take this amplifier anywhere you want thanks to it’s battery.

Roland AC 33 Review

roland ac33 review

Let’s examine few of the features of the Roland AC 33:

  • Battery-powered or AC power
  • Dual-channel configuration. Guitar and Mic/Line
  • Reverb, ambience and chorus effects
  • Anti-feedback function
  • Aux input
  • Headphone autput
  • Tilt-Back Stand

As you can see, it has everything an amplifier should have. We do want to note that it does kind of look like it comes from an older age, however the sound of this thing is great!

We do believe that the Roland AC 33 is an amazing amplifier. Actually it is one of the best in it’s price range. This amplifier may not have the looks or the power of the most amazing amplifiers, but within it’s price range it is one of the best amplifiers you can find currently.

The Roland AC 33 will serve you well and you’ll be able to take it anywhere you’d like. Battery-powered means that it doesn’t matter whether you are in the woods or on a beach, this cool amp will do it’s job. It is one of a kind, the world’s very first battery-powered amp.

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