PRS Archon Review

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Still don’t have an amplifier? You should have one! Whether you are a guitar player, or a hardcore music fan an amplifier can come in handy plenty of times. Have friends come over to your house? Use an amplifier! Want your neighbours to be informed about your latest music masterpiece? Use an amplifier!

But, which amplifier should you use? With so many of them and so much confusion it really is hard to choose the right amplifier.

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Well, look no further! In this article of the PRS Archon review we present you with a great amplifier. An amplifier that will give you chills down your spine when you listen to.

PRS Archon Review

PRS Archon review

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What we have to talk about first and foremost is about the stunning looks! This thing, looks gorgeous! Seriously, I have never seen an amplifier look this stylish.

All the buttons are at the bottom of the amplifier, in the middle you get this stunning piece of text by Archon and at the top are the beautiful speakers. This thing looks like the past and future combined! Absolutely in love with how it looks!

At the top it has a nice handle to hold it to and on the bottom it has two stands.

Next, comes the performance. How does the PRS Archon perform? After all, looks without all the other parts you are buying the amplifier for mean nothing.

We can assure you that the Archon won’t dissapoint you! This thing is a beast. It’s a 50 watt amplifier with plenty of controls and features.

It has two channels, CLEAN and LEAD. Two master buttons for these channels and separate BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE and VOLUME for each of the channels.

Next to the channels is where you input your device to the amplifier.

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We could talk all day about how good this thing is in both looks and performance, and you might have already concluded that we really love this product. However, here are a few last words on whether or not you should buy the PRS Archon.

Coming with stunning looks, excellent sound and at a good price, you should not pass on the PRS Archon. This bad boy is a true amplifier that will last you for ages. It was made in the USA and it stands for quality. Go get one of these and start enjoying the beautiful sound coming out of it!

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