Marshall JVM410H Review

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Buying a guitar amplifier is a great thing. Whether you are a guitarist or a loud music lover you should have one, or more amps in your house/studio. Having an amplifier can be quite awesome, increase the music volume, change the settings to fit your style and much more! However, with so many amplifiers on the market it’s so hard to choose a good one. Something that will last you for quite some time and will serve you good can be hard to find. Marshall is one of the companies we really love when it comes to amplifiers. We have already made a review of the JVM205H, however what about it’s big brother? The Marshall JVM410H? In this Marshall JVM410H review we take a look at what the amp has to offer.

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When we’re discussing amps and preamp devices, you will find that there are a lot of variations, whether it’s the tones, or the distortion, or effects loop. Guitar amps are a must for any player, and choosing one should be a personal pick. You will find a lot of manufacturers, such as Celestion, Mesa Boogie, Line 6, Bugera or even premium tube amps such as Hughes Kettner. But, Marshall amps makes some of the best amps for any musician. Whether you’re looking for a guitar amp, or a combo amp, the sound of Marshall’s products is unbeatable.

And they have quite an extensive range as well. From the Marshall Stack series, to the Marshall Plexi and Marshall MG series, as well as some very popular models such as the Marshall DSL40C, the Marshall DSL15C, the Marshall DSL5C, the Marshall DSL100H, Marshall DSL15H, Marshall JCM800, Marshall JCM 2000, Marshall AS50D, Marshall AS100D, Marshall Amplifiers do have excellent products for anyone. The Marshall logo is well known around the world.

Marshall JVM410H

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A good looking black box this fella is! But, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Marshall. Their products look stunning. This JVM is made of deep steel and on it’s inside there are lot of electronics. Something you should expect from a box that has 28 knobs on it.

It has a four-channel design, coming with four sets of gain, volume and tone controls for every channel. Also, every channel comes with a mode switch which offers three distinct voices with different amount of gain.

There’s also a digital reverb with level control for each channel, two switchable global master volume controls, resonance and presence controls.

In the rear panel, there are five speaker outlets, a balanced speaker-emulated line out and two effects loops. A footswitch jack is included as well.

But, when looking at something like an amplifier what you want to hear is how it sounds. Sure, it may look good but if it sounds terrible, than it’s just a garbage bin. After all you are paying money for an amplifier. Having said that, we absolutely love the JVM410H’s sound! You can get truly amazing effects by using the commands on this handy thing.

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It’s also worth mentioning that it comes at 100 watts, twice as much as it’s little brother, the JVM205H.

A 100 watt amp is quite powerful, of course there are plenty of other amplifiers that have much more controls and power, however they are a lot pricier as well.

To sum it up, we believe that the Marshall JVM410H is pretty good amplifier. It will do everything an amplifier should do for you. Coming at a price like that, the Marshall JVM410H is definitely worth every dollar.

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