Marshall JVM205H Review

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A good amplifier can make a real difference in how you present your sound. Nowadays, if you are serious about playing the guitar you would definitely want to invest in a good, solid build quality and most important of all, a powerful amplifier. You will be able to change the sound through the different modes that come with different amplifiers. You’ll also be capable of adjusting most of the settings and really get your own unique signature sound. But, what is a good amplifier? Of course, there are lots of chinese ones, however you definitely do not want that in your studio or house. What you want is something that will truly make a difference, and that’s where we recommend the Marshall JVM205H amplifier. In this Marshall JVM205H review we see how this amplifier stands against other ones on the market.

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But, why Marshall? There are others, from Line 6, to Bugera, Celestion and Mesa Boogie, as well as the high-end ones, like Hughes Kettner. However, Marshall amps are some of the best amps you can find if you’re a musician. Regardless of whether you’re after a combo amp, or a guitar amp, the sound of a Marshall amp is tough to beat. If you’re a guitarist, the tones coming out from your guitar amplifier are important to you, no doubt. They also offer excellent options, such as the distortion, effects loop, everything is excellent.

Their range also includes something for everyone. You have complete series, such as the Marshall MG series, the Marshall Stack series, or the Marshall Plexi. And there are some very well-known products as well. Products that you can find on multiple stages around the world – just look for the Marshall logo. Examples include the Marshall AS100D, Marshall AS50D, Marshall JCM 2000, Marshall JCM800, Marshall DSL15H, Marshall DSL100H, Marshall DSL5C, Marshall DSL15C, Marshall DSL40C, etc. You get it – Marshall Amplifiers have a very extensive range.

Marshall JVM205H

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Marshall JVM205H Review

Produced by the British company Marshall this black box truly gives an extraordinary sound that is worth mentioning. It’s a 50watt amplifier, perfect for your home or a studio perhaps. Marshall made sure that they give you a top quality amplifier for the money you pay. It looks good, it sounds good and it wont give you any trouble. It will be incredible easy to set-up and even your child could learn how to use it.

The amp has two independent channels and both of them have three modes. These modes can be configured.
The controls of JVM205H are the following:

  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Bass
  • Middle
  • Treble x 2
  • Reverb x 2
  • Channel Select x 2
  • Presence
  • Resonance
  • FX Loop

It features two studio quality Reverbs, an individual channel EQ, two master volumes and it also comes with a memory which will be able to recall your Reverb, FX loop and Master settings.

Unlike other amplifiers where you have to pay additional money for the footswitch, the JVM205H comes with it’s own four-button footswitch. Connecting to your amplifier thorugh a standard guitar lead makes it very easy. It will also be very easy to replace it if your cable becomes a problem somehow.

Should you buy the Marshal JVM205H?

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If you are wondering whether you should buy this amplifier, than we have a few things to say.

For the money it comes at this is a perfectly good amplifier. Of course, it isn’t the most powerful on the market, however not everyone is looking for that. JVM205H would look good in your home or studio and give you a great sound. You can adjust it easily (as it is with most amplifiers) and start using it in no time.

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