LR Baggs Anthem Review

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An acoustic pickup is usually a compromise. You should think whether you want your tone, when amplified, to be loud, or to sound like a guitar? The louder it gets, the more sound quality you lose. However, a realistic-sounding pickup system will change this. It will let you capture the tones of your guitar, as they are. But going loud this way may require a lot of EQ, which destroys the tone. Indeed, it all relies on compromise.

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L.R Baggs’s Tru-Mic anthem system has seriously changed the game for acoustic guitars. Those people that perform live have it much easier in today’s world with the new acoustic amplification technology. The gap between a performance-level volume, and authentic tone, is pretty narrow with it, and compromise has been brought down to a minimum.

LR Baggs Anthem Review

lr baggs anthem review

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Pickup makers like L.R. Baggs made new innovations in that field. How? Well, with the Anthem Tru-mic system they made things much easier for the amplified acoustic player.

Why should you buy the L.R Baggs Anthem?

The Tru-Mic technology will make your acoustic guitar sound much better and louder.

It has built-in an extremely lightweight microphone that is housed in a small plastic enclosure which will be mounted to your guitar’s body and affixed with double-sided tape to the bridge plate.

This system also has the Baggs Element, a transducer that is capable of capturing audio below 250 Hz. With the Tru-Mic technology you get amazing microphonic quality that most pickups don’t have. You also get a pretty good noise-canceling feature going on.

It will pickup the sound of the vibrations through the entire soundboard and will ensure that the mic stays away from any placement issues.

You get all the essential control unit controls such as volume, mix and phase. It stays nice and secure around behind the soundhole for much easier fingertip access.

Using the anthem through larger systems will produce a natural and warm sound, while hard strumming will create a shimmering sound. You will be able to achieve a very high volume level.

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If you are looking to improve your acoustic guitar’s performance than you should definitely get L.R Bagg’s system! The L.R Baggs’s system is something truly unique and will definitely improve your acoustic performance when you are using it. There isn’t anything that comes even close to it.

Is this tool worth it’s money? You bet! There isn’t anything that comes even close, and at the price it comes it truly is a steal for this money. If you love playing your acoustic guitar than you should invest in one of these.

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