Fender Rumble 500 Head Review

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Fender are a company that produce amazing music products. They produce everything and anything, from amplifiers to guitars. They have been in the music industry for quite a while now. And everyone loves their products.

The reason why people love Fender’s products is because they really make something of quality, once you pay it you are going to use it over and over again. You can’t help yourself but fall in love with Fender’s products.

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An amplifier like the Fender Rumble 500 Head is something worth mentioning. But, why do you need one?

You might think that just a combo amp is enough. And that is where you would be wrong. A combo is basically an amp, and a speaker, in a single cabinet. This product is just an amp. You will need a speaker for it. Even though that sounds counterproductive, hear me out. An all-in-one unit is good, but what about the flexibility? What about the options? Getting them both separately is beneficial for multiple reasons. You can get an amp that gives you the sound you need. You can get multiple combinations for different situations. It’s just better.

Fender Rumble 500 Head Review

fender rumble 500 head review

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What can this beast offer? Well, it isn’t just a nice performance music tool. No, it’s much more than that.

The Fender Rumble 500 Bass Amp Head will really help you get sound like you’ve never heard before. It allows you to choose between bright, contour and vintage types. This will give you plenty of flexibility to your sound.

It’s XLR line output is capable of making your tone go straight into the PA for much bigger gigs. You can also get an optional footswitch for better onstage performance and convenience.

Other than being an amazing amplifier, the Fender Rumble 500 will allow you to practice, it has an aux input that will allow you to put basically any device you use. You can also use headphones through it’s 1/4″ headphone jack. This means that it doesn’t matter what hour of the day is, if you want to practice, you can!

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Choose between a 4 x 10″ cab or 1 x 15: for that fat, powerful low end. To sum it up, here’s what you get by purchasing the Fender Rumble 500 Head:

  • Amazing 500 watts
  • A patented head attachment system
  • Vintage Vibe
  • Footswitch (optional)

Would the Fender Rumble 500 be worth buying? You bet! This amazing music tool will take your music to different horizons. It will expand your rig beyond what you thought was possible. Once you buy this, it will last you for ages and it will serve you well!

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