Best Headphone Amplifiers

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A headphone amp is basically a headphone amplifier. Numerous headphone amps are DAC and amp together. A headphone amp’s activity is to amplify the sound yield from a music player, cell phone, or PC/tablet and send the increased yield to the plugged in headphones.

A headphone amp additionally makes the sound yield from your player much cleaner. It enhances the tonality, bass, and the lower frequency sounds. Distinctive headphone amps use different technologies and decoding chips. In other words, the amplification circuits are different from amp to amp. Yet, regardless of what techniques they utilize, they are gadgets that bring the music alive. The entire tone and bass of the sound are improved. The voice is cleaner.

The change in bass or in vocal lucidity, for example, may be the solid suit of a headphone amp. While then again, a yet another headphone amp may specialize in something else. Battery life also differs from amp to amp.

The principle motivation behind a headphone amp is improving your sound yield. Different models utilize different techniques but the idea remains the same: improving the sound output both in quality and in the decibels. When you have had the joy of tuning in to music through headphone amps, you will comprehend what is meant by music that is “alive”. The entire experience is richer and identifying the different channels of a stream is also easier thanks to added detailing without any loss of the sound data.

More or less, all you have to know is that a headphone amp is a flexible gadget. It amplifies the volume, makes the sound yield cleaner, and sometimes does more work like doubling as a power bank for your smartphone. Any kind of music and a headphone amp is sure to make it better and more enjoyable.

Top 5 Best Headphone Amplifiers

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[amazon link=”B0157DKAU4″ title=”FiiO Q1 Review” /]

The Q1 is one of the bestselling headphone amps. Great battery backup and even greater sound output quality characterize the FiiO Q1. Power decoding chips sit inside the Q1, giving it the much-appreciated flow of balanced sound. So, why the Q1 instead of other FiiO products? That you will learn when you read the whole review.

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[amazon link=”B00Z6XGX98″ title=”FiiO A3 Review” /]

The A3 is highly portable and lightweight. The boost is great. 16 hours battery life is more than what you could ask for. The cool feeling of the aluminum-alloy casing is breathtaking. Seamless controls and purely balanced toning are the gems of A3. FiiO A3’s primary job is to make your music sound much better.

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[amazon link=”B00TIAYRDO” title=”Sony PHA-1A Review” /]

The PHA-1A might not be the best in the line of Sony amps, but it surely is unique. This is what you should go for if you need a hi-res amp that has an amazing build, style, impedance range, and a clear sound output. Very balanced in sound as well as everything else.

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[amazon link=”B00NTR49FI” title=”Denon DA-10 Review” /]

The DA-10 is one of the best budget headphone amps. You get a kind of balance in the sound output that is quite rare among the budget amps. The amplification is pure and simple. Great bass, precise lower frequency reproductions, and amazing vocal clarity.

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[amazon link=”B00OAPDHDI” title=”Cayin C5 Review” /]

Cayin C5 is one the most surprising headphone amps we’ve come across. We just never expected this sound output and the warm musical quality from a product so low on the price chart. If this fits the rest of your bill, it will fit your bill for an amazing musical experience too.

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Headphone Amplifiers Buying Guide

How much difference does a headphone amp really make?

This is a legit question. Do you even need a headphone amp? How much difference does an amp make? Well, plenty. Let’s see how and how much, exactly.

Suppose you are an audiophile or you are just crazy about listening to music the right way. You have invested in some costly gear. Premium headphones and great music players with many little controls of their own. Do you really need one more gadget? If you are happy with your current setup, you probably don’t need a headphone amp. But as it is with everything in the sound world — things can be upgraded, almost always.

A headphone amp takes the output of your player or smartphone and amplifies it, cleans it, and boosts it. Once the output has gone through an amplification circuit, the headphones will provide you much-increased volume, better sound output, and clearer and more detailed music. You will absolutely love it. In 99% of the cases, there will be a whopping change. If there’s no change, you are doing something wrong or the product you went for was cheap.

A good headphone amp uses many different technologies like decoding chips and programmed circuits to better tune and boosts the music it gets. A high-quality headphone will be able to reproduce the amplified sound output from the headphone amp with precision. With this combination, the couple of devices will be delivering music in a quality you couldn’t have expected before, not without an amp at least.

You haven’t listened to the clear vocals and the detailed lower frequencies that an amp can give you. Neither have you tasted the bass boost or the volume increase that an amp easily provides. So, to come back to the question. How much difference does an amp make? And, to come back to the original answer. Well, plenty.

What to look out for when buying a headphone amp?

Headphone amps can be a pretty tricky business. Sometimes, you will have to go to great depths to understand everything that there is to them. Nevertheless, if you can’t afford to learn it all, then what are the things you should keep an eye out for when buying a headphone amp?

Well, first things first. A headphone amp has a rating for the impedance range it supports. Suppose there’s an entry-level amp that can handle 10-200 ohms. There is no point in buying it if your gear requires more. Always see the range your gear needs and then sort out the applicable headphone amps.

Secondly, make sure that you go with known brands and not cheap solutions. If you go for cheap amps, you might as well listen to your music without a headphone amp. FiiO, Sony, Denon, Cayin, etc. … these are the brands that manufacture models appreciated by sound-lovers and audiophiles from around the globe.

Also, see if there are models that can fill in the role of other products you need. For example, some amps come with excellent bass boost, so you won’t need anything else (product or app) for boosting your bass. Some headphone amps come with a charge out, meaning they can work as power banks for your smartphone. If you need those features, then your options are limited very quickly. The efficiency of a headphone amp depends on the build quality and the price you’re paying. If the build quality isn’t good, the amp won’t function the way you would expect, most probably. So, always ensure that the build is good and you are paying the right amount of bucks for the right amount of amplification.

Also ensure that a headphone amp actively works on improving the sound output quality and clarity, besides just increase the gain and volume. This is very important.


So, now you know what are headphone amps and how much difference do they really make (which we say is like experiencing your music come alive). The richness that headphone amps give also means there are things you should look out for. And now you know what to look out for when you are out searching for suitable headphone amps to buy.

Essentially, you are going to need a headphone amp if you wish for richer, cleaner, and more muscular music. From bass to the lows — everything has more detailing and power. Some amps make the output smooth while some make it more rugged. Some make it warmer while some make it colder. Always do your homework by reading up on reviews so that you don’t take the wrong decisions.

All that being said, a headphone amp isn’t a device without its flaws. Some amps are bulky and always carrying them around could be a pretty hectic job. The amps might also malfunction, while some have pretty low battery lives. But this is the case with most of the audio technology: you can’t have something that’s portable perfect. Believe in brands and do a bit of research on headphone amps and how they work so that you can (unknowingly too, sometimes) take better care of your amplifying equipment.

Top amplifiers here again for your reference, if you have not decided yet.
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