Best Gaming Headset under $100

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Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollar

The gaming consoles and new games are undoubtedly expensive and clubbing the console with a gaming headset could be a bloated expense indeed for many. But, if you want to become the best gamer at multiplayer games, then definitely you would require a high-quality gaming headset. It will not only make communication easier with teammates but also give you warnings and alters about your opponents in the games. The Good Gaming Headphones are bit expensive and hence to narrow down your search and help you make a right selection here is the list of Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars. These headsets come with many rich features and benefits while costing you just a fraction of prices.

Best Gaming Headset Under 100

Buying Guide for Best Gaming Headset

Below are some of the factors on How to choose Best gaming headsets.

  • Microphone Quality – Gamers who make use of software to communicate with their teammates during the game must have a high quality and Best Console Gaming Headset with microphone. Being the gamer, you would never want to play multiplayer games without being able to communicate with the teammates. So, ensure to make use of gaming headsets that come with a quality microphone. The poor quality headsets for gaming usually create noisy sounds, and this can be frustrated at times, ruining your overall experience.
  • Wired or Wireless – You might be aware that both wireless and wired gaming headsets are available. But, the most widely appreciated headset is the wireless models as it creates less mess over the gaming area and they are comfortable. However, the wireless gaming headsets can lose some audio quality during gaming. This can be sorted out using high-quality Best Wireless Gaming Headphones. The high-quality wireless headsets come with better technology and give you the best gaming experience with better sound quality.
  • Durable Build – The Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars is the one which reflects the atmosphere of your ripped online gaming character and can also endure the tugging from where you move around while playing games. Most of the gaming headsets come with braided cables which are about 10 feet long or even more. If you are buying a wired headset, then ensure to select the one that comes with long wires that let your feet up and exterminate some orcs.
  • Additional Features – Some of the Computer Gaming Headset come with a separate game and chat volumes so that you can dial down the chatty griefer or simply power up the favorite explosion.

The Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars

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[amazon link=”B00KK8ZLEC” title=”Sennheiser GAME ONE Review” /]

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best gaming earphones
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Feel the tension, sound, rush, and beats, but not the headset with one of the Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars, Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset. Game One is the model of gaming headset by the brand Sennheiser which delivers you with acoustic gaming headset features with precise and natural sounding experience while gaming online. Its lightweight design and transducer technology truly maximize your professional gaming experience. It comes with the features like pro noise canceling technology with intuitive mute functions and integrated volume control on right ear cups. The open design of the headset clubbed with velvet ear pads ensure proper air circulation across the eras, keeping the gamers’ head light and cool and enables them to enjoy longer gaming sessions.

The Sennheiser Game One headset is compatible with PC, Mac, Consoles with 3.5 mm audio jack and tablets and mobiles as well. The noise-canceling microphone, broadcast quality, and transducer technology minimize the background noise, enabling you to feel the precise sound of the games. It comes with exchangeable cables which help you to switch between multiple platforms between PC, Tablets, Gaming Consoles and tablets with ease. The lightweight design with enhanced mechanics makes it the perfect pair for any gaming consoles and for longer hours of gaming sessions.

Enjoy extreme sound quality and accuracy with its original transducer technology and noise-canceling microphone which ensure crystal clear conversations. The volume control is located right up on right ear cups, and it is combined with braided fabric cable for easy handling.


  • Impedance under 25 Ohms which is great
  • Extreme Sound clarity due to noise-canceling microphone and transducer technology
  • Convenient microphone mute
  • Integrated and intuitive volume control
  • Comfortable plush velvet ear pads for skin breathing
  • Modern lightweight and robust design headset


  • A bit expensive than other counterparts
  • Wire length is short for some gamers

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[amazon link=”B00JJNQG98″ title=”HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review” /]

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Kingston HyperX Cloud is the professional gaming headset under 100, and it delivers all the effects, and sounds that are required for enhancing the overall gaming experience, regardless of the type of game you play and the sound quality of both streaming and basic communication is great. Its crystal clear sound, superior audio performance, mid, low, high tones and enhanced bass reputation creates the ultimate gaming experience for the avid gamers.

Kingston has decided to upgrade their Hyperx Cloud headset and replaced the 7.1 version into Sterol speaker that deliver higher quality sound with slightly higher impedance compared to other gaming headsets which have 65 Ohms. HyperX Cloud is the gaming headset which is perfect for almost all gaming console, and hence it is referred as the great and best at PS4 Headset Review online.

Owing to its light weight of only 9.6 ounces, HyperX Cloud is considered to be the most comfortable and best headset for longer sessions of games. As far as sound quality is concerned, it comes with 53mm drivers which truly pump the lows and highs and indulge you into the game and deliver exceptional communication experience. HyperX Cloud comes with excellent Microphone which is similar to other high-end gaming headsets. Besides, there are lot more features that are included in the gaming headset including a sound set of earcups are designed with comfortable materials and come with sufficient nylon braided cable to choke multiple elephants. Overall, it is a great choice and Best Affordable Over Ear Headphones for a gaming experience.


  • Detachable mic and cable
  • Great sound quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 2 styles of ear-cups
  • In-line controller


  • Impedance is quite high
  • The cable length is only 6ft which is difficult for gamers to manage while playing games

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[amazon link=”B00ZC3S72I” title=”Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 Review” /]

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Turtle Beach is the brand that is known for designing some of the best PC gaming gears. This brand garnered reputation and recognition because of its high-quality gaming headsets and keyboards. Owing to this fact, it is no surprise that Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 Fully Wireless PC Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound is the Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars.

The gaming headset comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 15 hours with a single charge, allowing the gamers to play games for longer sessions without worrying about losing connection with headphone. When the battery drains in between gaming session, you can still recharge it while playing the game, all thanks to its ability to charge the earphone while it is still in use. Since the headset is free from wires, gamers can play games at a farther distance without worrying about the messy wires. It headset can be used within the range of 30ft.

For the gaming immersion, the headphone comes with audio presets that can help gamers amplify specific sounds while enjoying the games, giving the gamers both high-end audio and benefit of playing online games. There are many other features that make the headset as the Best Gaming Earphones.

There is also an auto shutdown feature which can be irritating at times, but it can be sorted out by manually disable the feature in the headset. Overall, it is the Best 7.1 Headset designed specifically for the high-end gamers.


  • 100% Fully Warless
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Audio Presets Catered to Gaming
  • Great Wireless Range up to 30ft
  • PS4, Xbox, PC compatibility
  • Used it while charging


  • Auto Shutdown Feature
  • Fragile Design
  • Short Charging Cable

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[amazon link=”B07BB78HHY” title=”GT Supsoo G800 Review” /]

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Supsoo is the brand that is globally acclaimed for designing some of the best headsets for gaming to maximize the overall gaming experience. Using the expertise of 250 R&D technicians and own industrial park, the company has designed the GT Supsoo G800 USB Wired Surround Stereo PC Over-Ear Gaming Headset Headband Headphones with Rotating Mic, Noise Canceling, Vibration Tuner Function and LED Light(black) which is both lead-free and environmentally responsible.

Its titanium body structure complements the gaming character of the gamers while guaranteeing a very durable and solid build. It comes with noise cancellation feature and MIC noise reduction capability for a clear call and sound quality.

Besides, the gaming headset comes with tuner functions and a wired controller which are MIC mute, volume adjuster, LED Light, EQ, and Shock. In the middle of the wire is the lighting switch key which can adjust 6 modes of lighting effects and two level of vibration deep shock and bass. It guarantees Best Gaming Earphone over the head with new function EQ that allows the gamers to adjust modes of sound which are super bass, clean vocals and jazz.

Owing to its rotating microphone, gamers can adjust it while communicating clearly with the teammates. The size and length of the microphone are perfect which can be placed correctly for clear communication.


  • Specially designed headphone for the best gaming experience
  • New Function EQ
  • Adjustable Microphone
  • Updated 4D physical variation with extra vibration driver
  • Individual control button for 2-grade vibration
  • Powerful amplified vibration deep bass effects
  • Comfortable and soft PU leather ear muffs
  • The headphone is suitable for laptop, MAC PC and Desktop computer and other gaming consoles.


  • Can be ordered online from the online retailer website
  • The rates of the headphone vary from sellers to seller

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[amazon link=”B07BB78HHY” title=”SADES SA933 Review” /]

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best gaming headset under 100
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The most crucial quality of a gaming headset is the build quality, and SADES SA933 nails it perfectly. Well, this is not only the Good Gaming Headphones but they worth taking a look out of their incredible 7.1 surround sound quality and decent microphone for softer conversation. If you are in search of a good headset for enhanced gaming experience and have no point using a new brand, then gaming headsets from this bran are exceptional to consider indeed.

The gaming headset from this brand now comes with updates and latest features, and it includes high performance decoding chip, attractive six LED lights effects and USB Surround stereo sound effects for a better experience. The headphone also comes with updated 4D physical vibration and low-frequency sound triggering vibration which is amazing for an enhanced gaming experience. It has a fixed microphone which can be rotated for easy and simple conversation. It also comes with an integrative controller for shell supports which can enhance the response efficiency during a war in the game.


  • Soft and comfortable PU Leather ear muffs
  • Compatible with PS, PC, Laptop, and PC
  • Latest headset technology used for powerful amplified vibration deep bass effects
  • An integrative controller of shell support
  • Special design with high-performance decoding chip


  • The cable length is merely 2 meters

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A Buying Guide for Best Computer Gaming Headset

A Computer Gaming Headset is not just an essential gear to buy if you want to play games competitively; it is also considered as an investment if you prefer indulging in late-night games without disturbing your neighbors with loud sound effects. However, you are not always required to spend a fortune to have the high-end gaming headsets for PC as there are a plethora of options available to choose from. These headsets can deliver you exceptional surround sound and best gaming experience while keeping the load in your pocket to the minimal. If you are in the market for the gaming headset and wandering which one to choose; then consider the below-mentioned points to make a right selection.

Computer Gaming Headset

How Crucial is the Sound Quality of Computer Gaming Headset?

The frequency response and the overall clarity of the headset would influence the ability to hear the sounds of the game. This is the reason why gamers must always consider the features like sub-bass, mids and highs, mid-bass, and soundstage when they are testing any gaming headset. The headsets which can deliver you crystal clear sound and spacious soundstage can support you in hearing each sound of your enemies in the game. Moreover, the headset should come supported with microphones so that easy and clear conversation with teammates can be enjoyed while playing the games. The Computer Gaming Headset must feature the bundled microphone and other gaming-friendly specs.

The Connectivity of the Headset with the Console or PC

The PC Gaming Headset comes with three ways of communicating with the Computer: via USB, 3.5mm Audio Jack and Wireless Connection. Gamers who want to connect the headset to the computer using the 3.5mm audio jack, then it is necessary to install a sound card into the system. The onboard soundcard that comes with the desktop computer can pick up static noise owing to the low-grade scheduling and dodgy power supplies, and this can ruin your overall gaming experience.

You may purchase the USB Soundcard from online stores which comes with the capability to eliminate the static noise from 3.5mm connected headset. The gaming headsets which are wireless are also a great option indeed. However, it has drawbacks of losing connection in between which can prevent you from enjoying the game sometime.

Do Build Quality and Weight Matters?

A good build Computer Gaming Headset usually last for years to come, even after daily abuses that gamers have to offer while playing games. So, it is necessary that you always prefer buying headsets from some reputed brands that promise to offer superior built quality in headsets. Instead of considering the fancy designs and features, ensure to opt for the headsets that come with premium built quality with extended lifespan.

Besides, weight is another factor that needs to be considered. If you are an avid gamer and the one who prefer gaming for long sessions, then ensure to buy the lightweight headset which will help you to feel the rush, sound, effects of the game, but not the headset on your head.

Top gaming headsets here again for your reference, if you have not decided yet.
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