Best Drum Sets for Toddlers – Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

Buying guide for a toddler’s drum set

Drumming is not only a music experience used by music therapists as most people would believe. In recent times, parents and care givers at large are buying drum sets for their children. Music therapist Bill Maine and Kalani, wrote about drumming in “A Taxonomy of Drumming Experiences.” This article outlined various type of drum-based experiences: Drum Play, Traditional Drumming, Guided Interactive Drumming, Drum Circle, Musical Improvisation, Clinical Improvisation, and Technique-Oriented Play. Drumming is no longer a therapy or only meant for the talented child. It is clearly contributing to quite a number of other things. Drumming is a fun way to encourage your child’s social, emotional, motor and cognitive development. It improves their motor strength and control, speech and communication, social skills, emotional expression, and cognition areas. Studies have shown that a child’s sense of timing to feel and express a steady beat affects speech flow, motor tasks, sports skills, and other important developmental characteristics. As a parent, these issues might not seem relevant and important at such a time in your toddler’s life. Yet, it is never too late to start.

As a parent with no prior experience on drum sets, it can be a challenge to pick one. With no idea about what model is best to consider or to look out for purchasing a drum set is quite a hard fete. In as much as you will be buying this drum set for a toddler, you want to get one they will enjoy and one that will last.

  • Function

For a toddler, there would be little need to get a full musical instrument. This is unless you want to start tapping that budding talent this early. When buying a drum set for a toddler, it would be more appropriate to get a lookalike toy drum set. Yet, you want a durable, tunable and operable drum set your child would enjoy playing. A toddler would enjoy a drum set that produces a variety of sounds when they play it. A drum set that excites them when they stage their performances.

  • Number of drums in a set.

This is particularly influenced by available floor space and whether your children will be sharing the drum set. A 3 pc drum set will occupy less space than a 5 pc drum set. This means you should opt for the 3 pc drum set if you have a smaller house or apartment. However, if you have the a at floor space, then feel free to get the 5 pc drum set. Additionally, if your children are going to share the drum set, you should opt for the 5 pc drum set. Better solve the squabbles before they start.

  • Hardware

When buying a drum set for a toddler, you should consider the material from which it is made from. The drum set should be sturdy and durable. Your toddler will play those drums with all their strength. They will bang and bang. They are likely to push and pull the drum set. You should ensure to purchase one that will survive the attack of the toddler. It should not easily topple over or fall apart. If your child is a chewer, you should avoid foam made drum sticks.

  • Sound

This might be a factor to consider on mostly your part. Your toddler will most probably enjoy the “noise”. Yet, this will seem like a racket to you. You should look out for a drum set with volume control buttons. This allows you regulate the sound the drum set produces as your toddler plays the drum set.

  • Color

You might want to consider getting a bright or bold colored drum set. Color has been known to excite and engage toddlers in various items. They would love to play a brightly colored drum set so consider getting that when buying one.

Top 5 reviews of toddler’s drum sets

1. The VTech Kidi Beats Drum Set (Frustration Free Packaging)

With the lowest average return rate in the market, the VTech Kidi Beats boasts of quite a number of features. These features allow your toddler play the drums like a star. It will not be racket noises as usual. The VTech-Kidi Beats-Kids-Drum-Set comes with up to four ways your child can play the drums: numbers, follow-along , free play and letters. They can either follow the lights and keep the beat or play number jams as they count for fun while hitting the drum. They can just as well follow the lights to play with letters, phonics and words. How would you like your child to freestyle? It might not be record label quality but the drum allows them to make up songs with up to sixteen sounds available. Your child is free to find their own beat as the drum set features nine melodies from four different music genres. They include rock, dance and pop. Yet, if you would like your child to play in a more structured manner, they can follow the lights on the drums as they hear about letters and numbers. Offering a variety of sounds as they play, the drum set has great parent control features. You can spare yourself the near racket noise because of the volume control. It is a button that allows you turn the background songs off. With a pair of drumsticks to tap the drum pads and cymbal, toddlers will surely enjoy playing this drum set. The different sounds produced on the four different electronic drums and the unique LED light are sure to excite them.


  • Comes with batteries already installed
  • Already assembled
  • Automatic shut off preserves battery life
  • Volume control ensures it is not too loud


  • Smaller size than expected
  • Falls over easily

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2. The WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids with Movable Working Microphone

This is the perfect drum set for a star. Yes your toddler can be a star and this drum set is the best way to explore that possible talent. You might want to introduce this to your toddler before the junior set. It is as closest to a real drum set as it gets in terms of design and durability. The WolVol Big Toy Drum Set is an all inclusive drum set that allows your baby to both play and sing. It comes equipped with tons of beats and songs. The multiple effects sounds settings available produce various sounds when pressed. There is a volume control that gets quite low and can even allow your child sing by themselves. This is all thanks to the working microphone. It is clear, loud and stable on its’ stand. The drum also features a setting that makes cartoon like noises such as booing a bell. That is sure to thrill your toddler. Other extra features include a bass drum, pedal with drum sticks and a chair. With all these features, your toddler gets star quality practice before the real junior drum set. The drum comes with a manual guide that makes it extremely easy to assemble.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy parts
  • Design is suitable for 1 to 5 year old heights. Drum height of 24 inches


  • Batteries are not supplied
  • Foam drum sticks easily chewable by kids

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3. Electronic Junior Rock Band Baby Learning Musical Drum Set

This Electronic Junior Rock Band Baby Learning Musical Drum Set fantastic would be perfect for your toddler’s little hands. This Jazz band is complete with a drum, a snare drum, a tom drum, cymbal, stool and drum sticks. The electronic junior rock band has lots of musical sound options available. Your toddler can play for hours creating music and singing away on the working microphone. The working microphone does not echo. It amplifies. Your child is sure to enjoy watching the magical flashing lights and sounds. If you think your toddler is a budding musician, this would be an ideal drum set. The drum comes with a stool that swivels. There are 5 modes of play available with tons of wacky effects and music. These would be quite enjoyable for your toddler.

  • Great music sounds
  • Spanish and English options available


  • Easily comes apart and topples over
  • It is not assembled

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4. Winfun Kids Fun Electronic Drum Set

The Winfun Kids Fun Electronic Drum Set includes drum sticks, stand, a stool and Headset microphone The 4 drum pad produces different sound effects. The drum set comes with 6 Rhythm selections and “stop” function. It also comes with a speaker plug for your MP3 player and built in demo songs. How amazing is that. Your child can play to some of your favorites. Yet, you wouldn’t want that to become a racket. The drum set thus conveniently comes with a volume control button. Your toddler’s playing might become obnoxiously loud and that will definitely help. The drum pads are also colored differently. The drum is suitable to quite a large age range of children. It can be used by children from as young as 36 months to 5 years. That means your toddler can grow into it and still play it or share it with their older siblings.


  • Working microphone
  • Perfect sized for toddlers


  • Runs on batteries
  • Buzzing noise
  • Headphones do not actually work.

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5. Kids Foam Electric Drum Set

The Kids Foam Electric Drum Set comes equipped with three drum pads and four drumsticks. These multiple available parts provide the opportunity for group play. This drum allows your toddler to learn how to make different sounds. They can tap out beats with either of the four drumsticks. There are five included tunes in this drum and you toddler can play to either. With these, your child is sure to stage a performance for you in the house. Yet, no one wants a rowdy concert in their living room. This is where the volume control button comes in handy. You can control the intensity of sounds produced as you toddler plays the drums. This particular drum set is made using durable foam rather than plastic pads. This means the drum set will last longer than other sets. The lack of hard edges also makes it safe for children of all ages. No hard bumps for your baby.


  • Durable design
  • Realistic sounds produced


  • Batteries not provided
  • Smaller size than expected

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A toddler’s drum set has a variety of functions. There is no limit to what a child can do with them. It is no longer just a banging sound on one singular drum. With new technology, drums have newer features. These include working microphones, electronic sounds, built in tunes and songs and even volume control. The drums sets have increased to three or five packs in one set. They designs are also more colorful, durable and sturdy than before. A drum set is fun and educational. Research studies show that learning a musical instrument actually enhances a child’s academic progress, speech flow, motor tasks, sports skills, and other developmental characteristics. So how about you buy your children either of the recommended drum sets. Make a choice. The best recommendation would be the WolVol Big Toy Drum Set. This drum set allows your child become a star in the making. With it’s working microphone and production if multiple doubts, it is sure to excite and engage your baby. Yet, it still has great parental control features. The volume control button allows you to regulate the volume as your toddler strives to stage a concert in the living room. I assure you, your toddler will be sure to enjoy this drum set.